Father Finds Heartwarming Texts That His Daughter Has Been Sending To Her Late Granddad In Heaven

If you’ve ever lost someone you loved, you probably wish there was a way to pick up the phone and talk to them one more time. If only there was a WiFi connection in heaven, right? Well, you’re definitely not alone in wishing that.

UK radio presenter James O’Brien recently discovered text messages that his young daughter has been sending her late granddad “in heaven.”

O’Brien tweeted about the heart-warming discovery, explaining that he’d given his daughter his old mobile phone to play games on.

But the phone still has his old contacts in it, and his daughter has been sending touching text messages to O’Brien’s father - her beloved granddad - who died five years ago.


In the text messages, O’Brien’s daughter tells her granddad, “I hope you have a great time in heaven” and “My life could not have been this amazing without you!” She also updates him on her older sister, saying: “Elizabeth is 12! She loved your present by the way your present was your love.”
Sometimes, kids just nail the things we adults don’t know how to say, don’t they?
When O’Brien, a popular presenter on UK radio station LBC, tweeted his finding to his 293,000 followers, he received an overwhelming response from people who could relate to the story. Many shared their own experiences of communicating with deceased loved ones.
Some revealed that they still send texts or emails to people who’ve passed away, or call the voicemails of those they’ve lost just to hear their voice again


Others have similarly heart-warming stories of kids dealing with death in unique ways. One Twitter user shared how after her own mother died, her 4-year-old made a phone out of Lego so that she could call her.


While these stories are sure to get you choked up, it’s uplifting to see how the memories of lost loved ones live on. We also hope James O’Brien’s granddad is having a great time in heaven, and that he’s enjoying the beautiful texts from his granddaughter.