Love – what a mystery! So many books, movies, songs and even studies try to explain this feeling. At Kueez, we know that love and relationships are a great part of what makes life so interesting. For that reason, we prepared a variety of love quizzes and games that will tell you more about your personality type and how it affects your relationships with other people.

But before we tell you all about our special love quizzes, here are some interesting facts about Love:  

Love has different kinds

​ Love can be experienced in different situations and towards different people in your life. The love you have for your parents, your siblings or your child isn't the same as the love you feel towards a romantic partner. Romantic love is different than the kind of love you have with an old and loyal friend. So while all these types of love have something in common, they're not exactly the same.

Animals also feel love

Long terms relationships exist in the animal kingdom too. Many species of animals mate for life, such as wolves, swans, penguins and even some types of fish! We can't say if they actually feel love the way we humans do, but we'd like to think they do.

Love makes us feel better

When we're in love, or in the presence of a loved one, our body produces different chemicals in response. One of these chemicals is called Oxytocin and it's also produced after giving birth and helps make the bond between the mother and her child stronger. This chemical can also relieve pain such as headaches. Of course, sometimes our loved ones can also give us headaches, but that's a different story…

Kueez Love Quizzes – What's special about them?

If you haven't tried any of our quizzes or games yet, you're in for a treat. Our quizzes are highly personalized and can help you learn new things about yourself.
Our love quizzes can, for example, show you how well you know your friends or how good is your chemistry in your current relationship.
Do you have a cool attitude towards your significant other? Do you have a strong connection and desire? Does your relationship lack trust?  These are the kind of questions our quizzes might help you answer. Here at Kueez you can take all kinds of surveys and quizzes to reveal more about your relationship with others, or even think about ways to improve them.  

Love is doing things together

One way to improve your relationship is to get your partner on board and ask them to complete these quizzes with you. It's a fun and entertaining way to spend time together, while also making your bond with them stronger. Our relationship experts say that doing things together can increase the lifespan of your relationship. Go ahead, grab your partner now for a quick love quiz.  

To believe is the key

When you take a quiz, we work our magic and bring you the most accurate results using the latest technologies. Just don't forget our quizzes are mostly for fun, so try to enjoy the experience. At the end of the day, what matters is how you truly feel, so we encourage you to go with what you believe.

Share your story and love quizzes results

If you like what we do, we invite you to share your own personal stories with us. We're always available and listening, and would love to hear about your struggles and achievements within your relationships. If you enjoyed our love quizzes in particular, share your results with friends and invite them to try it out as well. Taking Love Quizzes is one of the most unique ways to get to know various aspects of your personality and your relationships. It's all possible thanks to our lovely quizzes and games.